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NFTs are unique digital items such as collectibles or artworks or game items. As an artist, by tokenizing your work you both ensure that it is unique and brand it as your work. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens like ERC-721/ERC-1155 (a smart contract standard) tokens which are hosted on Ethereum’s own blockchain. The actual ownership is blockchain-managed.

The Nao For Treasure NFT pack is only available on CoolBitX Innovation Lab’s marketplace. Each pack contains an exclusive NFT, the Nao For Treasure Edition CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet and a Special Benefit from the actress.

The Nao For Treasure NFT packs have 2 types of pricing: auction price and fixed price.
– Auction Price Packs: In order to participate in the auction NFT packs, you’ll need to first register for an account on the CoolBitX Innovation Lab website and log in to continue the bidding process.
– Fixed Price Packs: Place your order directly through the marketplace and proceed to checkout to complete the purchase.
– Complete a Nao For Treasury NFT pack purchase before July 31, 2022 and claim the Benefits.

The Nao For Treasure NFT pack includes a threefold surprise:

  1. An exclusive NFT
  2. Nao For Treasure Edition CoolWallet Pro hardware wallet
  3. A possible mystery Benefit from Nao

There are two types of pricing : auctions and fixed-price.

For auction products, you first need to register for an account before you can place a bid.
For fixed-price products, the price is fixed and as indicated for each product.

For the NFT with the token format of ERC-721/ERC-1155, you will need an Ethereum address to store the NFT. Users can create an Ethereum address with the CoolWallet Pro, which can be used to store and display your NFT in CoolWallet Pro via the WalletConnect function.

You first have to use your CoolWallet Pro to create the wallet and then add the ETH coin to the wallet, and then you’ll see your Ethereum address that starts with “0x…”. Please see the step by step guidance in the wallet creation section.

CoolWallet Pro is the solution for the cryptocurrency life-style. It’s the latest version of the CoolWallet product line, a card-sized cold storage wallet. It provides the most convenient experience for various crypto transaction with military-level security to protect your virtual assets from malicious hackers. With CoolWallet Pro own your crypto as you navigate the DeFi and NFT universe.

After buying the Nao For Treasure NFT pack on the website, you’ll receive a confirmation letter to confirm the purchase. In the meantime, we’ll then start to ship the Nao For Treasure NFT pack to your physical address, and once you receive the pack, you’ll find a redeem card with the redeem code on it.

Go to this form to fill in your redeem code and Ethereum address (See question above for detail instruction), after confirming your details, our team will send the NFT to your address.

Receive order confirmation letter > Receive Nao For Treasure NFT pack > Acquire the redeem code > Fill in redeem code and Ethereum address > Get your NFT!

It’s a series of numbers that can verify your ownership of the NFT you purchased, it is unique and printed on the redeem card, which is included in each Nao For Treasure NFT pack.

Please go to the redeem NFT form to fill in your redeem code and the Ethereum address that you wish to receive the NFT.

You can use your Coolwallet Pro to create one. Please see the question above for details on “How can I create my Ethereum address with CoolWallet Pro?”

Due to the nature of the products, no returns, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted.

Purchases of the NFTs do not transfer any copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights to the purchaser. The distributor assumes no responsibility for any problems between users in the secondary distribution of the NFT.

CoolBitX Innovation Lab is a sub-brand of CoolBitX that focuses on innovative products combining the latest market trends. For more details please visit:

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