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Brand Story

Since its founding in 2014, CoolBitX has grown and become a shining star in the international cryptosphere. 
CoolBitX focuses on crypto security:  CoolWallet – hardware wallet for digital asset storage and Regulatory complianceSygna – provides a crypto regulatory service.

The company is motivated by the passion of the CoolBitX team in innovation and creativity. Therefore, CoolBitX aims to test out all kinds ideas. As crazy as they may seem, they someday might change the world. To give these ideas a chance to grow, CoolBitX Innovation Lab was founded to promote all kinds of creative experiences.

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Core Value

As a startup in the emerging field of cryptocurrency, CoolBitX Innovation Lab is committed to creativity and thinking outside the box. CoolBitX aims to show that, besides professionalism in security and compliance, it can keep up with frontline market trends and create refreshing opportunities.

New styles, experimental projects, innovations, unboxings, O2O

Besides integrating with emerging trends and business opportunities, we believe in the power of Thinking Different. Like Steve Jobs once said, we believe that only the people crazy enough to believe that they can change the world can really make the world different. CoolBitX Innovation Lab is the main body of these creativities.

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Future Prospects

Innovative motivations in the field of cryptocurrency, e.g. NFT, Web3.0, Metaverse, can bring the world infinite possibilities like the network did in the 90s.

CoolBitX Innovation Lab wants to foster the creativity that could change the world through their expertise in cryptocurrency and compatibility. The parent brand CoolBitX aims to redefine user interaction in cryptocurrency.

The Jinguji Nao project is a breakthrough made by CoolBitX Innovation Lab, integrating virtual NFTs with the CoolWallet hardware wallet, it is hoped that the NFT experience can go beyond the virtual world and extend to the physical world so that customers can easily access their NFTs anytime with the CoolWallet card.



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